Ending the Cycle of Executive Inequality

How to ensure your company provides women equal access to leadership development. 
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It's time to face the hard, data-driven truth that your corporate learning programs are likely serving your men better than your women. 

Many organizations unknowingly perpetuate the gender leadership gap by giving more time, energy, and resources to helping men rise. In doing so, intentionally or not, businesses deny women opportunities to gain the critical leadership skills necessary for advancement—opportunities to which many men have always had access.

This eBook provides concrete actions companies can take to remove barriers preventing women from rising in the ranks, and leverages research by Training Industry, Inc.* to highlight five core areas where women need increased access to learning and skill-building opportunities, including negotiation.

One recommendation? Offer Ilise Benun's class, "Don't Get Pushed Around: An Introvert's Guide to Getting What You Need at Work" (page 16).

It's time to commit to learning and development programs that break down access barriers for women.

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*Training Industry, Inc. (2018). Women's Access to Leadership Development: A Tale of Two Experiences. 

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